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Christian Doèr

Christian Doèr - Retire Early Luxe Collection

Christian Doèr - Retire Early Luxe Collection

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Do you know how valuable you are? Do you know that you are expensive? That you were purchased at a high price. So expensive that you were worth far more than gold or silver, precious metals or jewels and any food linen or silk. God thought so much of you that he was willing to give his life in exchange for yours that’s how expensive you are. 

The luxe collection is a representation of who you are and the value God thinks of you. In exchange for the cost that was given we honor God with our lives, with our heart, with our body and with our minds. That means we stop giving all of of our time heart and money to Jobs. We become good stewards we create inheritances and we retire early!

1 Corinthians 6:20, NLT: "for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

Christian Doèr ® (Doer) is a faith-based brand that provides clothing, accessories, and home decor for individuals who want to share their faith with branded items. We strive to continue to boast in God who is the leader of everything we do. While we do strive to create quality designs for our customers, we also hope our customers are proud to share their faith with our brand. As a company, we fully aim to get the message of faith seen around the world.

Christian Doèr® was founded with the belief that we are more than mere words. We live a life in faith that requires action. We are not simply hearers of the word as James 1:22-25 states we are also doers. The Bible says in James 1:25 if you are a doer, you are blessed in whatever you do. That's what Christian Doèr is all about, Gods will for our life is our win. Thanks For Shopping!



Care Instructions

For best results machine wash Cold dry low heat.

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